Network: TLC

There’s nothing more real than the reality of bringing a child into this world! A Baby Story, the Emmy-award winning series on TLC, follows parents and families as they prepare for a special and life-altering gift: a new baby!


With high emotions, every episode captures the most important moment in a parent’s life. Forget the sugar-coated stories of the ‘miracle of birth’, A Baby Story tells it like it is: from the struggles to conceive, to the strain and stress pregnancy puts on a woman’s body…and on a couple’s relationship, to, finally, the amazing and awe inspiring birth moment. This isn’t your mother’s birth story.


A Baby Story chronicles everything from home-births to water-births to surrogacy, adoption and beyond. Watch as these couples answer the hard hitting questions about life, love and sex after baby comes home.


Want to talk about Life Unscripted? A Baby Story is where it’s at.