NY Daily News on ‘Lucky Bastards’

Date: Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Esquire sees rich potential in dudes with attitude, and a whole lot of bucks, as they chase women and toys


The only misstep in this new reality show about six rich single guys in New York is the assumption that every guy wants to be like them and every girl wants to sleep with them.

But then, that’s the premise of Esquire magazine: Money buys style and style buys the best women and the best toys.

The only role for the rest of us is ongoing envy.

As rich guys go, Lorenzo, Charles, Rocco, Adam, Craig and Scott are far from the worst specimens on television.

Probably because they seem to have more self-awareness than self-importance, we like them.

When Charles buys a Maserati, the question is whether he’ll get the blue he wants or the white that his girlfriend Melissa wants.

The key point, though, is that Charles is the only one of these guys in a serious relationship — and that’s the real drama here.

We see rich guys strutting their casual hookup stuff, and women who seem to love it. We see lots of toys that look like fun.

What we don’ t see is much evidence of families or relationships. That’s the tradeoff to live the lives of our “Lucky Bastards.”

Your call, lucky viewer.