Network: Bravo

Ever since superstar artist and multi-platinum songwriter Kandi Burruss turned a Real Housewife into an iTunes phenomenon with the hit single “Tardy for the Party,” she’s been bombarded by thousands of wannabe artists desperate for her popstar secrets. If Kandi could turn Kim into a star, then everyone thinks they have a shot! And they’re not wrong. Kandi believes she can turn almost everyone with a speck of talent into “something hot”… Well, almost anyone.


In The Kandi Factory, Kandi and her team will give two proteges the opportunity to be schooled in the fundamentals of pop music success. Kandi will write an exclusive song for each of them, and the proteges will record their track, learn complex choreography, and make themselves over entirely. Then, they’ll hit the stage for a high-stakes, live performance. Whoever impresses Kandi the most will get their song released as a single and produced as a music video.