Network: Lifetime

In this Lifetime Original TV movie, a once quiet town starts buzzing with gossip when Linda, a striking young hospice nurse, appears on the scene. Hank, a wealthy horse breeder, hires the beautiful newcomer to look after his terminally ill wife. Shortly after his spouse’s death, Hank and Linda tie the knot. But their marriage is off to a rocky start due to rumors of Linda’s infidelity. When Hank mysteriously dies, his outraged daughter accuses her new stepmom of killing her father. 

After her arrest and trial, Linda is acquitted of Hank’s murder, although she is still awaiting the outcome of a $15 million civil suit brought against her by her stepdaughters. 

You can’t help but be intrigued by this sultry drama’s complexity. And you’ll love the pairing of the stunning Natasha Henstridge with award-winning actor James Brolin.


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